Expropriation and/or property management

In many cases, infrastructure execution requires the availability of third-party’s land, for which it is necessary to carry out management processes of land release, either through Direct Treatment or Expropriation.

URCI manages the land release, from the project phase to the phase of support to the administration for procuring the land in order to execute the infrastructure.

Services provided by URCI:

  • Land release assessment and management
  • Affected services and interferences assessment and management
  • Social assessment and intervention

Last projects in the area of Expropriation and/or property management

These are some of our latest projects. You can check the complete list in our projects section.

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Lima, Perú

Technical Advice for the update and revision of Properties Right of Ways of Lima and Callao Ring Road

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Department of Ancash, Perú

Service of Elaboration of Legal Technical Diagnosis and of Individual Files with the purpose of…

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Department of La Libertad, Perú

Service for the Acquisition of Property Affected by the Virú Bypass and Continuous Section 1 of the…

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Department of Cajamarca, Perú

Service for the Acquisition of 69 Properties Affected by the Right of Way of the Work: Rehabilitation…

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