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Technical Assistance to the Directorate of Works for the Northern Extension. Garrucha Port (Almería).



Location: Almería

Activity: Ports

Work investment: 12.510.593,39 €

Period: 2007-2009

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Garrucha Port Extension, Almería

The project aims to remodel and relocate the industrial facilities (dry dock) of the port of Garrucha, which houses commercial, fishing and nautical recreation activities, to free up space and provide a new water mirror for nautical-sports activities, as well as an area of land for the development of the port’s urban front.

To this end, a new breakwater is planned, repositioned around 225 m north of the current one, which will house the new sports dock. This outer closing dike is made up of 22,337.31 m3 of concrete blocks, 78,101.44 tons of rock fill, 122,658.14 tons of all-in-one and 10,598.92 m3 of concrete on a protective shoulder.

In order to obtain the required depth in the future marina (between -4.0 and -4.5 m), and to connect the new dock with the current one, the current dike section is demolished from its start point to the point of connection with the new dike, including the current dry dock. In addition, the area of action is dredged.

 A new counter-dike esplanade is created, supported by the current beach retaining wall situated south of the port and the beach of Quitapellejos, located about 3 km to the north of the port, is regenerated using the existing sand on the beach taken by the extension works.

  The facilities will be equipped with electrical, lighting, supply, drainage and fire-fighting systems. The works are coordinated with the dismantling of the current dry dock so that the nautical-recreational vessels and fishing boats are provided with dry dock services.