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Construction Project of a Shooting and Archery Range in Irving Saladino Sports City, Province of Panama



Location: Panama

Activity: Equipments

Work investment: 1.700.000,00 USD

Study investment: 73.000 USD

Period: 2019

New Archery Range in Panama

The project consists of the construction of an artificial turf archery range with an indoor shooting area, elevated stands and a building for facilities.

Located next to the Romel Fernández stadium, it is part of the Irving Saladino Sports City, in the Juan Díaz district of Panama City.

The project aims to provide sport facilities to accommodate athletes of different modalities that implement responsible development practices, strive for athletic excellence and enable social equity at all levels, attracting new talent and hosting international events. The sports facility has been designed and built following the guidelines of a sustainable and accessible architecture.

The 30 m wide shooting ground, with a length of 90 m in one half of its space and a length of less than 80 m in the other half, is covered with synthetic grass filled with rubber and silica sand.

A building has been designed to accommodate offices, toilets, showers and warehouses. A covered stand for 210 spectators has been built on top of it. The project is completed with landscaping, perimeter enclosure, accesses and lighting.