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Expropriation and Property Management

Service of Elaboration of Legal Technical Diagnosis and of Individual Files with the purpose of Appraisal of properties affected by the right of way of the Chimbote bypass



Location: Department of Ancash, Perú

Activity: Expropriations

Consulting cost: USD 171,297

Period: 2016-2018

Sanitation and Land Acquisition, Chimbote bypass, Peru

The Chimbote bypass is an action within the Concession Contract «Red Vial No 4: Pativilca – Santa – Trujillo and Puerto Salaverry» where the property management is carried out until the appraisal stage, divided into two operational phases, from the preliminary phases of field information gathering until its completion with the Individual Files for appraisal purposes, for all identified beneficiaries, natural or legal person, taking into account the type of management of the property: registered owner, unregistered owner holder or occupant.

STAGE I. – Technical-Legal Diagnostic Files.

The identification work requires a technical legal diagnosis of properties in order to know the state of registration and tenure of the property with the aim of planning the actions to be carried out for the acquisition of the property and the availability of land needed for the implementation of the project.

The technical-legal diagnosis includes the physical field survey, entity information search, evaluation of the property’s registration status and analysis of tenancy documents.

STAGE II. – Individual files for appraisal purposes

The technical-legal files for appraisal purposes are prepared in accordance with the regulations and directives in force, taking into account the result of the technical-legal diagnosis, and are intended to obtain the acquisition value of the properties identified in the project’s area of influence.