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Expropriation and Property Management

Service for the Acquisition of Property Affected by the Virú Bypass and Continuous Section 1 of the Red Vial No. 4 in its phases I, II and III, under the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 1192 and its amendment



Location: Department of La Libertad, Peru

Activity: Expropriation and Property Management

Consulting cost: 99,721.94 USD

Period: 2019-2020

Virú will have a bypass. Sanitation and Land Acquisition

The Virú Bypass is an action included in the Concession Contract «Red Vial No. 4: Pativilca – Santa – Trujillo and Puerto Salaverry» where the property management is carried out up to the management stage of direct treatment or expropriation, divided into three phases, from the preliminary phases of verification of information granted by Provias Nacional and information gathering up to its culmination with the payment for the acquisition of the land necessary for the execution of the project or the Expropriation process, if required.

Phase I.- Preventive annotation of registry load, identification of affected areas, elaboration and classification of cadastral certificates. The service work in this phase was aimed at verifying the information in the field and updating it, if required.

The confirmation of the legal status of tenure is determined by the Cadastral Search Certificates issued by the Public Records Office. Therefore, the classification of these is an input for the preparation of individual files or interstate transfers, if applicable.

Phase II.- The technical-legal files for appraisal purposes are prepared in accordance with the regulations and directives in force, taking into account the result of the Phase I, and are intended to obtain the acquisition value of the properties identified in the project’s area of influence.

Phase III.- The acquisition or expropriation process is executed in accordance with the current regulatory framework in a differentiated manner by legal condition of ownership and according to the option chosen by the taxable person.